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Thread: Meaning of Life

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    Default Meaning of Life

    Here is a conversation i had with Krainer and Maverick

    Ian is finally going to cage rage tonight says:
    godders any idea who the spammer was this morning
    Maverick says:
    Godders says:
    Feck knows. Persistant fecker lol
    Ian is finally going to cage rage tonight says:
    lol i know
    Maverick says:
    on which forum? cw?
    Godders says:
    Maverick says:
    i havent bee on for a couple of days what happened?
    Godders says:
    We had this big conversation about the meaning of life.
    Ian is finally going to cage rage tonight says:
    nothing some guy posting a porn link abt 2634786347863478 times
    Godders says:
    It was 4000 posts long and we all decided on a conclusion.
    Godders says:
    It was a magical moment
    Maverick says:
    hahahahha cough hannis the Porn king cough
    Maverick says:
    Ian is finally going to cage rage tonight says:
    mav get the saturday sport
    Godders says:
    I had to delete the thread though because unless you took part, it wouldnt be fuffiling for you

    Thoughts people
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    arghhh for the millionth time its KAINER

    not KRANIER arghhhh :curse:

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    Talking Godders is a fruitloop.

    Godders i fear the drink and drugs have permanently addled your brain!!

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