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Thread: cagewarriors events

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    Question cagewarriors events

    question for Dougie,
    Where do u see cagewarriors going?
    What are your plans for the future?
    As cagewarriors continues to grow do u think it will encourage more british fighters to take up the sport and maybe challenge the bigger organisations in mma?
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    Interesting questions Andy?

    There is no doubt Cagewarriors is heading straight for the top, based on the principal we have grown much quicker than any other organization in the UK in a much shorter time. Our principals and beliefs are very honest & genuine with no hidden bullshit, we create a good atmosphere at our events that is pleasing to both the fighters & the spectators alike. We have a great friendly working relationship with all our fighters, we feel this in itself has made a significant difference in our current growth.
    We are already witnessing TMA,s & boxers slowly migrating into MMA the fighting stock in the UK in regards to MMA is growing very quickly this sends out a positive signal to others who are considering the change?
    At Cagewarriors we are constantly pushing ourselves to the limits so technically we are already challenging the bigger overseas promotions? Jorge Rivera spoke to me when he fought here in November last year and apart from the UFC there is no other USA based promotion that works as hard and produces the quality of event as cagewarriors does, I was very flattered and he was being very honest. Quite often due to one promotion we consider the USA & Japan to be the market leaders but thier smaller feeder events are no bigger than ours? Therefore I believe the UK should grow thier own UFC? I believe in time & with the current support from you all I can get cagewarriors that big??

    Regards Dougie

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