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Thread: I like working from home.

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    Working from home is awesome. I am naked right now, and eating a chicken sandwich. Couldn't do that in an office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron C
    Worked at home for 5 years... it gets boring.... but at least you can have a wank whenever you want
    Hmm, I've just finished my sandwich. thats not a bad idea.

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    I decided against the wank. Too much work to be done. Instead I had a coffee and a gingernut biscuit, mmm

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    rock and roll baby. the real debauchery comes tonight

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    can i have the book of mormon when you're done with it, rach?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Femme-MA
    Cours you can hon. It genuinely has the Book of Moroni!
    thanks, darlin - is it the edition with the smutty etchings of mormom polygamy?

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    haha - please do!

    i'll be expecting it for xmas, with a special signed foreword by you and smutty sketches/annotations in the margins...

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