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Cage Warriors: Enter The Rough House 1 Results


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Cage Warriors: Enter the Rough House 1
Saturday 9th December 2006
Harvey Hadden Sports Centre, Wigman Road, Nottingham, NG8 4PB


All bouts were Professional MMA bouts held over 3x5 minute rounds unless stated

All B Class Pro Fights were held over 2x5 minute rounds, in-which elbow strikes (Both standing and on the floor) and Heel Hooks were not permitted.

Bout 1 - B Class Pro Middleweight (2x5 minute rounds)

Dean Amasinger (Pro Debut) Team Rough House
Wayne Murray (0-0-1) Fight Factory, South Kirby
Winner - Wayne Murray via TKO/Ref Stoppage (Ground and Pound) after 0:11 of round 2

Bout 2 - B Class Pro Middleweight (2x5 minute rounds)

Tamai “Big T” Harding (1-0-0) Team Rough House
Dave Campos (0-1-0) Sunderland Jiu-Jitsu
Winner - Tamai “Big T” Harding via TKO/Ref Stoppage (Ground and Pound) after 2:27 of round 1

Bout 3 - B Class Pro Heavyweight (2x5 minute rounds)

Rob Askew (Debut) Tap or Snap/Derby Shoot
Victor Aniolek (Pro Debut) Independent Fighter, Poland/UK
Winner - Rob Askew via TKO/Ref Stoppage (Ground and Pound) after 1:13 of round 1

Bout 4 - Full Pro Lightweight (3x5 Minute rounds)

“Psycho” Steve Tetley (Pro Debut) Team Rough House
Denas Banevkgicius (0-8-0) Antonio Gym, Lithuania
Winner “Psycho” Steve Tetley via Submission (Guillotine Choke) after 1:34 of round 1

Bout 5 - Full Pro Light-Heavyweight (3x5 Minute rounds)

Christian Smith (2-2-0) Tap or Snap/Derby Shoot
Michael Turner (2-0-0) Sunderland Jiu-Jitsu
Winner - Christian Smith via Submission (Strikes) after 1:51 of round 1

Bout 6 - B Class Pro Middleweight (2x5 minute rounds)

Matt Hasland (1-0-0) Tap or Snap/Derby Shoot
Cliff Hall (2-1-0) Total Dojo Milton Keynes
Winner - Cliff Hall via Submission (Rear naked choke) after 2:01 of round 1

Bout 7 - Full Pro Heavyweight (3x5 minute rounds)

Chris Cooper (Pro Debut) F’s Freestyle Gym, UK
Przemyslaw Mysiala (3-3-0) Total Dojo, Poland
Winner - Przemyslaw Mysiala via submission (Arm Triangle Choke) after 0:33 of round 1

Bout 8 - Full Pro Welterweight (3x5 minute rounds)

Jim Wallhead (8-3-0) Team Rough House
Dennis Siver (9-3-0) Outsider Club, Germany
Winner - Dennis Siver via Submission (Armbar) after 3:31 of round 2

Bout 9 - Vacant CWFC Middleweight World Title Bout (5x5 minute rounds)

Gregory Bouchelaghem (5-3-0) Sankuno team, France
Gegard Mousasi (14-2-0) Armenia/Holland
Winner - Gegard Mousasi via Submission (Strikes) after 2:20 of round 1
Gegard Mousasi wins the CWFC Middleweight World Title

Bout 10 - Full Pro Heavyweight(3x5 minute rounds)

Wayne Buck (Pro Debut) Tap or Snap/Derby Shoot
Will Coonie (0-2-0) Independent Fighter, Peterborough
Winner - Wayne Buck via KO after 1.55 of round 1

Main Event - Vacant CWFC 73kg Title Bout (5x5 minute rounds)

Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy (12-5-0-1nc) Team Rough House
Alexandre “Xandinho” Izidro (6-4-0) Total Dojo, Brazil
Winner - Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy via TKO/Ref Stoppage (Ground and Pound) after 4:56 of round 3
Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy wins the CWFC Under 73kg World Title

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