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Clash of Warriors Report and Interviews Featuring Wallhead and Stapleton


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Fight Report - Clash of Warriors 7: No Way Out
Victoria Sports Centre, Gedling Street, Nottingham NG1 1DB, England
Saturday 5 September 2009

Fight 11 - Ashley Smith vs. Martin Stapleton (This fight for the Clash of Warriors Lightweight British Title)

Both fighters started the round with a number of kicks to the head. Martin followed this with a number of good punches to the head, but Ashley was quick to respond in kind, with the two of them appearing to be very evenly matched. Martin is attacking more than Ashley, but not all of his blows are connecting. Martin manages to get Ashley pinned against the side of the cage but Ashley is quick to escape. After exchanging a few punches and kicks in the middle of the cage, Martin gets a number of good blows in and follows this by once again getting Ashley pinned up against the cage for the last few seconds of the round.

Round 2 begins and Martin wastes no time getting a good punch in. Ashley responds with a kick to the head. The two of them still seem pretty evenly matched, although Martin seems to be dictating the fight. Following a grapple, Ashley is spun into the side of the cage for a second but quite literally bounces back. So far in this round, Ashley seems unable to do any real attacking - although he keeps trying, none of his efforts are really making a difference.

Round 3 is more of the same. Martin continues to dominate the fight and, despite numerous attempts, Ashley cannot make any headway. At the end of round 3, Martin is declared the winner by the judges’ unanimous decision and takes home the Clash of Warriors Lightweight British title belt. The referee for this match was Danny Batten.

Winner - Martin Stapleton via Unanimous decision after 3 rounds

Fight 13 - Marius Buzinskas vs. Jim Wallhead (This fight for the Clash of Warriors Welterweight World Title).

As soon as the fight started, both fighters immediately started to trade punches and kicks. Jim saw an opportunity and took his opponent down to the floor. He then delivered a barrage of punches to Marius’s head and Marius turned his back to escape and avoid further punishment. Jim immediately went to Marius’s back to prevent him from escaping and then managed to control him and continue with the punches to the head. Jim then saw the opportunity and went for a rear naked choke and it was all over. Jimmy took home the Clash of Warriors Welterweight World title belt. The referee was for this fight was Danny Batten.

Winner - “Judo” Jimmy Wallhead via Rear Naked Choke / Neck Crank after 1:08 of round 1.

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