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CWFC held their first Junior MMA competition on Saturday April 19th as the lead up to the main Rough House Show at the Harvey Hadden Centre in Nottingham.

Following a few last moment withdrawals, 10 entrants took part in five bouts of 3 x 3 min rounds, two of which included Head Shots at the request of the fighters and coaches. Family and friends travelled hundreds of miles to watch some of the most exciting MMA of the entire event which left many breathless as these up and coming juniors held nothing back.


CWFC ‘Braves’ Bout Under 61kg Bout - With Headshots
Sam Halliday (15 yrs/56kg) defeated Thomas Philips (16 yrs/59kg) via Unanimous Judges Decision

CWFC ‘Braves’ Under 66kg Bout - With Headshots
Conrad Hayes (15 yrs/66kg) and Josh Lawder (16 yrs/68kg) Fought to a Spilt Draw

CWFC ‘Braves’ Under 46kg Bout - No Headshots
Jordan Noon (15 yrs/49 kg) defeated Jordan Murphy (14 yrs/44kg) via Technical Submission (Armbar)

CWFC ‘Braves’ Under 48kg Bout - No Headshots
Ben Fahey (14 yrs/56kg) and Mark Holt (14 yrs/48 kg) fought to a Majority Draw

CWFC ‘Braves’ Under 67kg Bout - No Headshots
Jack Wright (16 yrs/67kg) defeated Brett Nokes (16 yrs/67kg) by Judges Decision

At the Rules meeting it was agreed by consensus to have all participants and their coaches set out clearly the rules for each bout as a number of the fighters were at varying levels of experience and skills. Moving forward the Teams agreed to hold future events and to draw up a staged rules listing to ensure each fight is matched carefully and to ensure the safety of the fighters is the prime motivator.

The Judges commented on the difficulty they faced in marking these bouts with all fights being very closely matched. One of the hardest fought battles was between Conrad Hayes of the Gladiator MMA Gym & Josh Lawder of the Wolfslair Academy.

Cage Warriors are committed to their programme of Junior MMA and more Braves Events as a permanent fixture of all future CWFC Events. A new section of the website will also be dedicated to Juniors. Many Thanks to the Fighters, Coaches, Teams, Family & Friends that took part, supported and competed.

Anyone wanting to support Junior MMA, should contact Cage Warriors about staging a Braves tournament at their Gym or entering their fighters in events and we will help in sponsorship, merchandise, marketing and event management.
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