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Friday’s M-1 Challenge Card Featuring Team England Is Finalized


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The fifth edition of the 2009 “M-1 Challenge Presented by Affliction” is scheduled to emanate from Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS on Friday, June 5. The event will be headlined by a challenge bout featuring Team USA East (1-0) as they face Team Finland (1-0) in a group C encounter.

In addition to the headline challenge fight between USA East and Finland, two additional Team Challenges will take place as Team Turkey face the World Team in a Group D clash and Team England face Team France in a Group A face off.

The full fight card for this exciting event is below.

World Team vs Turkey:
1. Lightweight (154 lbs./-70 kg.) - Romano De Los Reyes (World) vs. Akin Duran (Turkey)
2. Welterweight (167.2 lbs./-76 kg.) - Diego Gonzales (World) vs. Faith Dogan (Turkey)
3. Middleweight (184.8 lbs./-84 kg.) - Nathan Schouten (World) vs. Ahmed Bayrak (Turkey)
4. Light Heavyweight (204.6 lbs./-93 kg.) - Ryan Sturdy (World) vs. Abdullah Ahmady (Turkey)
5. Heavyweight (204.6-plus lbs./+93 kg.) - Michael Kitta (World) vs. Liron Wilson (Turkey)

England vs France:
6. Lightweight (154 lbs./-70 kg.) - Ian Butlin (England) vs. Makhtar Gueye (France)
7. Welterweight (167.2 lbs./-76 kg.) - Simon Phillips (England) vs. Gael Grimaud (France)
8. Middleweight (184.8 lbs./-84 kg.) - Matt Thorpe (England) vs. Christophe Dafreville (France)
9. Light Heavyweight (204.6 lbs./-93 kg.) - Danny Giblin (England) vs. Johan Romming (France)
10. Heavyweight (204.6-plus lbs./+93 kg.) - Rob Broughton (England) vs. Soufian Elgarne (France)

USA East vs Finland:
11. Lightweight (154 lbs./-70 kg.) - Renato Migliaccio (USA) vs. Niko Puhaka (Finland)
12. Welterweight (167.2 lbs./-76 kg.) - Anthony Ford (USA) vs. Janne Tulirinta (Finland)
13. Middleweight (184.8 lbs./-84 kg.) - Valdir Araujo (USA) vs. Lucio Linhares (Finland)
14. Light Heavyweight (204.6 lbs./-93 kg.) - Rodney Wallace (USA) vs. Marcus Vanttinen (Finland)
15. Heavyweight (204.6-plus lbs./+93 kg.) - Mike Ottman (USA) vs. Toni Valtonen (Finland)

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