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M-1 Challenge UK Report (Part 2)


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The following in a report on last Month’s M-1 Challenge show, which has been adapted from the official report at

M-1 Challenge 7th Edition
Saturday 27th September 2008
Harvey Hadden Sports Centre, Wigman Road, Nottingham, NG8 4PB.

Part 2 - Red Devil vs. Team USA M-1 Challenge Bouts + The Final 2 Superfights

The psychological battle between the Russians and the Americans started at the weigh-in when Brandon Magana and Brian Harper did not make the contracted weight straight away. First they tried to make the IMA officials tolerate a four to five hundred grams difference. When this was refused they said they could not cut more weight and were willing to offer their opponents a part of their fee.

The Russians refused because in another Challenge they had the same problem and were ordered to cut the weight down. Then the Americans said they would not fight because they felt too weak to lose more weight. The Russians did not care because then those fights would be scored as wins in their favour. Then the Americans decided they would return to the sauna to cut more weight if they were given a few extra hours. The Russians then argued that it should not be allowed and so it went on and on. Eventually things were settled and Magana and Harper made the weight.

This just added extra pressure to an already tense five bout series

Mikhail Malyutin (69.5 kg) vs. Beau King (69.5 kg)
Referee: Mika Sinkkonen

In his last Challenge fight Malyutin beat the strong Finnish fighter Nikko Puhakka and insiders tipped him to be the winner against King who lost his last three fights in a row, and travelled to the UK on a few days notice.

He continued his losing streak with loss number four, as he was no match for the experienced Malyutin. With a second to g in the first round King tapped out to a rear naked choke. Had he held it for one single second longer then there would have been a second round of action.
Winner - Mikhail Malyutin via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) after 4:59 of Round 1

Erik Oganov (75.8 kg) vs. Brandon Magana (75.9 kg)
Referee: Mika Sinkkonen

Would Magana be able to give a good performance after having to struggle so much to make the weight? He didn’t do too bad, as he survived the first round against the BodogFIGHT veteran, in which they both traded some punches and clinched for the rest of the round without ever going to the ground.

The second round saw some groundwork but for most of the time, Oganov held Magana in a guillotine choke which he could not finish, but did enough to get the decision win.
Winner - Erik Oganov via Majority Decision after 5:00 of round 2

Dimitriy Samoilov (83.7 kg) vs. Bryan Harper (83.7 kg)
Referee: Marc Goddard

The first round of this fight was more like a boxing match then an MMA fight with Samoilov having the upper hand. The same thing occurred in the second round and Samoilov was able to get a close decision win after 2 rounds.
Winner - Dimitriy Samoilov via Majority decision after 5:00 of round 2

Mikhail Zayats (90.8 kg) vs. John Cornett (92.8 kg)
Referee: Marc Goddard

In the first minute of the first round Cornett was cut above the left eye by a hammerfist after finding himself on the mat, early in the fight. Zayats continued with some effective aggressive action throughout the round as well.

Then 44 seconds into round 2, Cornett sustained a serious hand injury after trading shots and was unable to continue.
Winner - Mikhail Zayats via Verbal Submission (Injury) after 0:44 of round 2

Kirill Sidelnikov (103.00 kg) vs. James Jack (117.4 kg)
Referee: Marco Broersen

It took Sidelnikov just 1.27 minute in the first round to make the referee stop the fight after some stunning Ground & Pound.
Winner - Kirill Sidelnikov via TKO (Ground and Pound) after 1.27 of round 1

Red Devil defeated Team USA 5-0

Welterweight Superfight
Jim Wallhead (75.7 kg) vs. Igor Araujo (76.0 kg)
Referee: Marco Broersen

Wallhead took even less time than Sidelnikov did to finish his fight against the BJJ Black Belt. After a slam, the popular British fighter made it three wins in a row with some impressive ground and pound which KO’ed his oppoenent after 1.19 minute in the first round.

Winner - Jim Wallhead via TKO (Ground and Pound) after 1:19 of round 1

Main Event - Heavyweight Superfight
Wayne Buck (102.7 kg) vs. Matteo Minonzio (100.5 kg)
Referee: Marc Goddard

In this highly anticipated re-match Minonzio once again showed his kickboxing skills, as he landed some strong low kicks and good knees against the former Boxer from Nottingham. Buck once again tried to take the fight to the Italian and looked for the KO with his heavy hands.

However just as the bout started to warm up, Buck slipped and damaged his hand and instinctively tapped out, which handed the win once again to the Italian.
Winner - Matteo Minonzio via Submission (Injury - Tapout to a Broken Hand) after 1:51 of round 1

It was a dramatic end to a very unique event as Warrior Promotions (The team behind Cage Warriors) put on yet another UK MMA first by introducing this promising global event to the UK fans.

Although the M-1 Challenge format may need polishing, it certainly has a lot of potential . And with a UK team due to enter in 2009, the future is bright not only for this International event but also for Warrior Promotions and UK MMA, as more and more opportunities are now available for fighters to test themselves against some of the World’s best rising stars. And that can only be a good thing for fighters and fans alike.

Roll on the 2009 Challenge and the invasion of the British Warriors

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