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Rosi Sexton signs for Elite XC


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Rosi Sexton, the current CWFC Female Champion has signed for a 3 fight deal in the USA with Elite XC. As yet her first bout has not been scheduled but Warrior Promotions expect to confirm shortly that this will take place in August of this year.

The BodogFIGHT veteran is already known and highly regarded across the world having previously defeated; Carina Damm, Windy Tomomi & Julie Berezikova. Following the recent success of the inaugural CBS Showtime broadcast on May 31, Rosi will increase her media exposure to become a household name throughout North America when she faces some of the toughest female opposition that the USA has to offer when she fights on the televised shows. Elite XC & CBS recorded a peak viewing audience of 6.51m for its inaugural broadcast on May 31.

Not a stranger to media publicity, Rosi is constantly in demand in the worldwide MMA media for interviews and general commentary in the mainstream press for her views on female MMA alongside her various other duties including full time mother, osteopathy student, contributor to Fighters Only Magazine and her commitment to her twice daily training at SBG in Manchester.

When asked in a recent interview by Full Combat Fighter Magazine how she coped with her varied responsibilites she quipped ‘I cut corners and rely on my natural brilliance’. As a PhD carrying Doctor in theoretical computer sciences, who are we to argue, not us thats for sure considering she can dead lift nearly twice her own weight and has been training in MMA for 9 years.

Her coach and partner, Karl Tanswell of SBGUK in Manchester is as excited about the news as Rosi after months of considering rival offers following the BodogFIGHT collapse and is relishing the opportunity to prove Rosi’s skills once again on one of the biggest platforms for MMA in the world.

Karl is responsible for all of her training and has devised a unique method of developing and improving her takedowns using a harness, shown above - Photography by Percy Dean. ‘The harness is all about landing her hips and keeping up hip pressure’ he explains. ‘If she can keep up hip pressure, she’s good. When we travel, we’ve got no one for her to spar with, so that gives her what she needs’.

Warrior Promotions who manage Rosi are currently engaging with prospective sponsors to maximise the huge exposure this will provide.

Thanks for the contribution of Jeff ‘Wombat’ Meszaros and please check out the full article in the next edition of Full Combat Fighter Magazine

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