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The Notoriously Chirpy Conor McGregor


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Conor McGregor “is not on twitter yet”, but he should be.  I for one would follow his pearls of positivity each day.  However, I fear his challenge would not be finding those gems to post – it would be doing it in 140 characters!

We caught up with him in his final days of preparation for his featherweight bout with Nicklas Backstrom on Cage Warriors Fight Night 2 in Jordan. He was so full to bursting with positive energy I thought he might pop.

Conor is pleased with his preparation for this fight and he confirms it’s been intense; “I’ve been training twice a day, five days a week going between BJJ, wrestling, boxing, Thai boxing and strength and conditioning along with lots of MMA sparring”.

He discovered MMA via boxing and believes his stand up is his strength but that his ground game is underestimated.  “I got into MMA when I met Tom Egan.  I’d been boxing for a good while and he’d been grappling - we’d meet up, teach each other, and then beat each other up at the end of it.  We eventually found John Kavanagh’s Straight Blast Gym and the rest is history”.
Conor is not a fighter that has any pre-fight rituals or superstitions,  “I believe if you’re dependant on certain things if they don’t happen it can mess with your head so I stay clear of all that crap to be honest”.  He continues,  “I believe in the law of attraction so I try and stay positive and grateful for everything in my life”.
As far as technique goes and signature moves, Conor is all about the learning experience, “I don’t really have a favourite technique, I love every single thing about this sport so much so it hurts.  Basically, whenever I learn something new it becomes my favourite technique until I feel it’s perfected”.

I asked Conor about his inspirations and heroes within MMA and this is what he had to say, “I’m my own hero.  I have a lot of people who inspire me, mainly my coach John Kavanagh and all my training partners at Straight Blast Gym - seeing their dedication keeps me going day in day out”.

Conor is not a man to rest on his laurels, when I ask him about other talents his response is as speedy as his jab, “The talent I’d most like to have is the talent I’ve been training for since I was a kid - if it’s not about MMA, I don’t want to know.  If I wanted a certain talent I’d be out trying to get it somehow.”  He pauses for a split second, “That being said, I wouldn’t mind being able to hit a high note or two.  X Factor champ 2012 doesn’t sound too bad… ha ha”.

With a background in boxing you won’t be surprised to know that Conor’s most treasured possession is his boxer dog Hugo, “I only got him last week but he’s the main man of the house now”.

I mentioned at the start, this guy is bursting with positive energy, I can’t imagine him sitting still to watch a movie or read a book…I was wrong!  He loves to unwind with a good film, especially those depicting a true story and his favourite movies are Casino and Goodfellas.  When it comes to reading, he has a particular favourite; “It’s ‘The Secret’.  A book about the laws of attraction…that what you visualise in your head will become a reality be it good or bad.  The book teaches you to be positive and grateful for everything in your life”.

Nicklas Backstrom, his opponent in Jordan on September 8th described Conor as a fun guy and he agreed, “Yes I am a fun guy…until the cage door closes.  He puts on good fights so I’m expecting no different.  I’m looking forward to getting in there, having fun and getting the win in the process”.

Finally, I was keen to know how he feels about fighting on another Cage Warriors show, “It means an awful lot.  They have a great track record for producing top talent but it will mean even more when I’m the first Irishman to hold their featherweight strap”.

So as we came to the end of our email bout, I felt suitably exhausted and in need of a refuel before my next Q&A.

Article By Sue Finnegan / Photo courtesy of Tommy Lakes

You can catch Conor McGregor inside the CWFC cage once again on Thursday 8th September LIVE online and via our broadcast TV partners around the world from 9pm Amman time, 7pm UK time, 2pm Eastern US time.  See below for more details.

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Or fight fans can catch the fights live via their TV screens on Premier Sports TV (Sky Channel 433 in the UK), Setanta Sports 1 (Ireland), Setanta Africa (Africa), The Fight Network (Canada), and Sport 2 (Iceland). Check local listings for exact broadcast times in your region.

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