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Wayne Buck Speaks Out Over M-1 Fight


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One of the more controversial moments of last month’s M-1 Challenge show in Nottingham, surrounded the night’s Main Event, which was an eagerly awaited Heavyweight rematch between the Italian Powerhouse Matteo Minonzio and the local Boxing legend Wayne Buck. Buck lost their previous encounter in July (and his unbeaten MMA record to boot) via a cut stoppage, which at the time was hotly disputed as Buck alleged the cut was caused by an accidental headbutt.

So in order to set the record straight both men squared off for a second time, just nine weeks after their first encounter and yet again both men wasted no time in trading strikes, in what was a tactical bout between two contrasting strikers. The crowd inside the Harvey Hadden Centre were on their feet as they cheered the local favourite on.

In their last bout Buck was able to work the takedown and utilise his ground and pound game to good effect, however this time out the Italian was able to work more in the clinch and prevent the local star from getting the takedowns which previously gave Buck the early advantage. Although Buck looked for the big KO shot, Minonzio used his close fighting game to greater effect and eventually Buck was floored with a crushing knee strike which sent Buck to the canvas and led him to “Tap out” late on in round 1, and in turn gave Buck another loss on his record.

As the fight ended, Buck tried to protest and argue that he did not tap from strikes, however the result stood and debate raged on internet forums both in the UK and aboard. Eager to tell his side of the story, Buck recently spoke to the Nottingham Evening Post where he said “Halfway through the round I broke my hand on his head,” and subsequently described the end of the fight by saying “When I went down near the ropes I put my hand down to support myself and the pain was excruciating”.

The heavy hitting ex-boxer also revealed that he was struggling with injury in the build-up to the fight with a bad knee and the cut which stopped their first fight was re-opened due to an attack in the city centre, just weeks before the bout. But Buck said he wanted to fight due to his loyalty to the Cage Warriors management team and the fact he was top of the Bill, on a prestigious International event and had already sold 300 tickets to his loyal fans.

When speaking to, Buck reiterated once again that he did not tap because of strikes and that after he clinched in the corner he slipped and fell onto his bad knee and caused further injury to his broken hand as he fell down by the ropes. When pressed, Buck stated yet again how excruciating the pain was and how he “instinctively tapped” without realising it. This is why he originally complained about the stoppage as he did not realised he had “tapped”.

Buck continued on by saying in retrospect he was “lucky the fight was stopped”, because the break in his hand was so severe, that if he had carried on he would have smashed the joint and shattered the metacarpal, which would of meant he would have been unlikely to fight again. Although Buck admits he would have continued on if the fight was not stopped because fighting is in his blood. Buck also added he has the tools to defeat the Italian Muay Thai Specialist and he hopes that one day he can earn another opportunity to face him for a third and final time.

But for now, Buck told that he is prepared to take another path and is looking to earn a place on the British Warriors M-1 Challenge team, who will compete in the 2009 season of the exciting global tournament. However Buck’s first aim is to recover from his injuries and have a warm-up bout before he returns to the CWFC Cage or M-1 Ring.

Everybody at wishes Wayne all the best in his recovery and look forward to him returning to action soon.

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