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Weigh-in results: Cage Warriors 60


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From left to right; Ivan Buchinger, Mick Sinclair, Cage Warriors CEO Graham Boylan, Jason Ball and Stevie Ray (Photo: Dolly Clew | Cage Warriors).

TOMORROW night’s CWFC lightweight title tournament is set following this afternoon’s Cage Warriors 60 weigh-ins in London.

Cage Warriors 60, which takes place at The Forum in Kentish Town, will be headlined by the four-man tournament which will determine the promotion’s next lightweight champion, who’ll succeed previous title-holder Conor McGrgeor.

Jason Ball, Ivan Buchinger, Stevie Ray and Mick Sinclair all came in under the 155lbs limit, as did Sean Carter and Richard Griffin, who’ll collide in a tournament reserve bout.

Elsewhere, three fighters came in overweight and were fined accordingly. Aaron Blackwell surrendered 25 percent of his purse to Kris Edwards, while Hannah Stephens and Bryan Creighton pass 40 percent of their purses to respective opponents Amanda Kelly and Spencer Hewitt.

Creighton weighed in 4.7lbs above the limit for his flyweight clash with Spencer Hewitt, who has agreed to the bout going ahead on the condition that Creighton does not weigh over 135lbs at 4pm local time tomorrow.

View a gallery of images from today’s Cage Warriors 60 weigh-ins HERE.

Cage Warriors 60 will be broadcast live around the world and a limited number of tickets are also still available. Click HERE for fight card, ticket and broadcast details.


Headlined by the CWFC lightweight tournament final
Welterweight: Bola Omoyele* (169.7lbs) vs. Aaron Wilkinson (170.3lbs)
Middleweight: Leeroy Barnes (184.3lbs) vs. Kacper Karski (183.7lbs)
Flyweight: Bryan Creighton** (130.7lbs) vs. Spencer Hewitt*** (126lbs)
Bantamweight: Amanda Kelly (133.5lbs) vs. Hannah Stephens**** (138.9lbs)
Featherweight: Arnold Allen (145.6lbs) vs. Dec Williams (144.3lbs)


Featherweight: Athinodoros Michailidis (144.8lbs) vs. Nad Narimani (145.7lbs)
Tournament semi-final: Jason Ball (154.5lbs) vs. Stevie Ray (154.5lbs)
Tournament semi-final: Ivan Buchinger (154.1lbs) vs. Mick Sinclair (154.7lbs)


Bantamweight: Aaron Blackwell***** (137.5lbs) vs. Kris Edwards****** (136lbs)
Tournament reserve bout: Sean Carter (154.6lbs) vs. Richard Griffin (153.9lbs)
Welterweight: Ben Constantine (169lbs) vs. Charlie Watts (170.1lbs)
Bantamweight: Cameron Else (136lbs) vs. Paddy Pimblett******* (136lbs)

* Omoyele weighed in at 171.7lbs on his first attempt
** Creighton failed to make weight and surrenders 40 percent of his purse to Hewitt; fight goes ahead on the condition that Creighton weighs no more than 135lbs at 4pm local time tomorrow
*** Hewitt weighed in at 126.4lbs on his first attempt
**** Stephens failed to make weight; surrenders 40 percent of her purse to Kelly
***** Blackwell failed to make weight; surrenders 25 percent of his purse to Edwards
****** Edwards weighed in at 136.6lbs on his first attempt
******* Pimblett weighed in at 138.5lbs on his first attempt

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