Meet Natalie

Height: 5'7"

Stats: 32-25-33

Hailing from Hampshire, England, Natalie is a commercial, lingerie and swimwear model who joined Cage Warriors in February 2011.

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  • Height: 5'7"
  • Stats: 32-25-33
  • Hailing from Hampshire in England, Natalie is a commercial, lingerie and swimwear model who joined Cage Warriors in February 2012.

    Vastly experienced as a model in lingerie catalogues and magazines like FHM and More, she has also appeared in several music videos, most recently shooting alongside UK group The Wanted for their no.1 single ‘Glad You Came’.

    Natalie didn’t know much about MMA when she first stepped into the cage at CWFC Fight Night 3 in Beirut, but it wasn’t long before she found herself captivated by the action.

    “I was a little nervous being so close to the fights on my first night, but as soon as I stepped into the cage and heard the crowd, all my nerves disappeared and turned to real excitment.

    “Since joining the Cage Warriors team, I’ve become very interested in MMA and I really look forward to each fight night. I love all the dedication the fighters give to the sport. It’s so impressive and I have a huge amount of respect for them.”

    Travelling the world is one of Natalie’s favourite hobbies, so with an international schedule of 17 shows in 13 different countries for 2012, she and Cage Warriors are a perfect match.

    “The atmosphere at Cage Warriors 45 in London was amazing, but I love all the international shows, no matter where we are. I especially liked Beirut; it was my first Cage Warriors event and the crowd were great. I really enjoyed Dubai too.

    “Being part of the Cage Warriors team is amazing. It’s always enjoyable and I love the atmosphere at the shows. It’s just such a great experience to see all these new places and to meet all the fans.”

    As the Cage Warriors fanbase continues to expand worldwide, Natalie’s has grown too and it’s easy to see why. Say hello to the lady herself on Twitter: @Natalie_L23

    If stranded on a desert island with just three things, Natalie would bring a bikini (“I love being on a beach in my bikini!”), her Cage Warriors sidekick Brookelyn and a mirror: “I could use it to start a fire, reflect light to catch attention from passing boats or planes to be rescued, and to look in it before I’m rescued to check that I’m looking cute!”


    Hobbies: Travelling, shopping, gym.

    Food: Italian

    TV show: Friends and Vampire Diaries

    Film: Pretty Woman, Hitch, Step Brothers and anything Marvel!

    Music: Jay Z, Drake, Nicki Minaj

    Book: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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